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Personal Purpose and the

Intention of Enlightening Offerings


*Life Activation

*Soul Retrieval

*Full Spirit Activation

*Crystal Gridding of spaces (Home, office, room, etc.) for Amplification

Activate dormant potential in your physical and energetic systems. Open the channel more directly to your Higher Self and Source so as to reduce or remove self-sabotaging tendencies. Increase your energetic capacity therefore put yourself in closer alignment with Universal Flow so as to be able to better direct your own life path.

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Services and Energy Protocols

for Finding and Living one's

Soul Purpose

Clearings and Cleansings

*Cord Cutting

*Ancestral & Genetic Patterning Release

*Spatial Cleansing

(Body, home, vehicle, etc.)

Clear out that which no longer serves and cleanse polluting energy from physical spaces. Energetically cut ties with relationships that have exhausted their purpose or need boundaries reset. End genetic patterning that no longer serves your line and prevent unnecessary repeating of lessons that no longer need addressed.

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Healings and Balancings

*Aura Healing

*Elemental Balancing

*Crystal Healing & Blessings

*Laser Light & Meridian Healing

*Chakra Balancing & Tree of Life Opening

Open and balance energetic centers for ease and flow. Soothe the ragged edges of your emotional and spiritual wounds left from the traumas and dramas of this life and others. Heal holes and jagged edges from tears in the energetic body or auric fields. Remove damage and soothe the soul.

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One-on-one sessions customized to each individuals personal growth points to create the perfect path for enhancing self sovereign empowerment in alignment with their true soul purpose.

Also offering periodic group workshops and classes designed to give hands-on experience with a variety of skills.

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*Tarot Readings

*Pendulum work

*Guided meditations

*Channeling & Mediumship

Access your allies within the unseen realms for clarification and guidance. Your higher self, spirit guides, ancestors and all those working for your highest good are always available and eager to be of assistance to help you glean a clearer image of your individual purpose in this life. Can read into specific situations or broad Soul Purpose exploration.

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Flowing with the Seasons

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An online community to support our guided journal exploration into the natural cycles of life.

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Spring Online Community

Join others online in this companion group to the spring guided journal available in the marketplace tab or by contacting Dreaa @ the number below!

Upcoming Events

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2024 Calendar

Goddess Archetypes

June 2nd, 1-5pm

Universal Laws

June 30th, 1-5pm

Energetic Boundaries

August 4th, 1-5pm

Tarot 1-Major Arcana

August 25th, 1-5pm

Tarot - Minor Arcana

September 15, 1-5pm

Tarot - Reversals

September 6, 1-5pm

Astrology 101

October 20, 1-5pm

Natal Chart Reading

November 17, 1-5pm

Universal Laws

Explore several universal principles that impact every aspect of our lives and learn how to work with instead of against natural flow.

June 30th, 1-5pm

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Dreaming of Inner Geometry

Private energy healing session appointments available!

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